Exclusive ceremony with Amazon Healer

Shibipo Heilerin Mama Selmira

Exclusive Ceremony & Seminar with Mother Plant from 26.11. – 28.11.2021

Mama Selmira is a kind healer from the Shipibo Amazon Group, the Astral Travelers, an ancient group which
has used this sacred drink as their main medicine and as a specific doorway to union with self, love and respect,
as well as to others, but especially towards mother nature.
This extraordinary Mama has decided to share her family’s sacred Mother Plant Medicine, in an intense 3 day
Ceremonial Seminar. During these wonderful days together purifying Ikaros – healing songs and dances –
will be shared. As you integrate energetically with the natural elements Mama will paint your bodies with
a special paint made from Amazonian fruits and seeds, preparing you for entry into a process of true
purification and healing.

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